Book a Dietetic Consult Today

Whether you're interested in general healthy eating, weight loss, have food intolerances/allergies or medical conditions such as diabetes, PCOS, heart disease etc. Dianne offers one-on-one dietitian consultations where you will be provided with tailored, evidence-based dietary advice to suit to your individual needs.


60 minutes

The aim of the initial consultation is to conduct a thorough nutrition assessment of you as an individual so that all advice and action plans can be personalised to your unique needs.

This includes a review your medical history, medications and supplements, discussion about your goals as well as a full diet and lifestyle assessment including your exercise and sleep habits. Based on this assessment we will work together to develop a personalised dietary plan.

Review Consultations

30 minutes

Making changes to the way you eat can seem overwhelming. Review sessions with a dietitian will provide you with the ongoing support, monitoring and accountability to help you progress toward your goals. Research shows that regular sessions with a qualified dietitian/nutritionist yield far superior results, compared with trying to do it alone.

These review consultations aim to monitor your progress towards your goals using a variety of different measures and provide ongoing support and accountability to help you to progress toward your goals.